On Rails

On Rails is new music group inspired by the  Krautrock, Kosmiche and the Motorik groove of the mid-70’s, along with a good side helping of post-punk from the mid-80’s and electronica since Martenot starting waving his Ondes around.

Like the Futurists (great, but sinister) we are tired of the complacent and boring conventions of trad rock, dad rock and bad rock and will sweep it all before in a wave of Awesome.

(Pat can you rewrite this so I don’t sound like a tosser? Thanks.)

Also, please note our manifesto for getting our music Out There:

A) All mp3’s on the site are freely available to download. The ones in the Flash player are considered ‘complete’ in some way; mp3’s in posts are more likely to be works in progress and demo’s.

B) If you do download and like our stuff, feel free to tell other people. We’re gearing up for our first gigs and it would be great to have an audience who’d like to hear this stuff live.

C) Consider signing up for the newsletter. It will be an occasional method for us to announce anything interesting that might happen – gigs, ‘proper’ record releases, selling out to The Man, etc.

D) Gigs – hopefully we’ll be gig ready before the end of the 2009. Book us now to play at your Kosmiche / Prog / Krautrock event and we’ll bloody well have to be ready. If the Flippers let us, we might even be able to put on a bit of a light show too.


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